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Hologram Printing Services

Hague is a member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) and we supply more individually designed, client specific holographic images than any other supplier in the UK.

We create hologram solutions that protect your assets and your reputation. We supply a full range of generic and transparent custom hologram stickers and holographic labels and specialise in tailored holographic printing solutions. Using advanced holographic technology, Hague holograms are developed, designed, manufactured and applied specifically to address your individual security issues.

Continually developing new, innovative designs, we provide hologram printing for a variety of products including ID cards, certificates, security and brand protection labels, ATM cards, APACS cheques and secure documentation. We can also offer a desktop point of issue hologram applicator, the Hague Securogram.

Please download the Hague Hologram Information Pack.

We are the UK's largest
supplier of holographic
High quality, secure
application on documents,
products and packaging.
Custom & standard
holographic foils for every

Registered holographic labels
for documents, products &
brand protection.
Desktop holographic applicator
for ID cards, cheques,
certificates and more.
Holographic solutions designed
for brand protection.