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Security Print

Hague is a leading authority on security printing solutions and document fraud prevention. Our cheque printing exceeds C&CCC (formerly APACS) requirements and we have developed and implemented high security document systems for governments, blue chip corporations and universities worldwide.

We provide documents and secure print solutions including custom cheques, educational certificates, personalised holograms, ID cards, vouchers, permits, bills of lading and brand protection labels.
Hague have the most comprehensive range of security features available to provide client specific, innovative and technological solutions to combat forgery and counterfeiting.

Highly secure, approved
C&CCC (formerly APACS)
cheque printing service.
Leading the way in certificate
design, print and delivery.
Exceptional ID cards;
holograms. barcodes &
proximity technology.

High security holographic
labels; covert, overt &
forensic features.
Design, print & supply
first-class security vouchers
& gift cards.
A complete range of secure

Our secure visa labels are
manufactured to the highest
standards of security
Used to protect government
revenues from sales of illegal
cigarettes and alcohol.
A taggant is a pigment or dye
incorporated into varnish of
holographic foil and can be
detected using a hand held
electronic device.

Information can be encoded
into DNA that is then made
into inks.