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C&CCC Cheques

Leading experts in the field of secure cheque printing, Hague are one of the UK's largest providers of C&CCC (formerly APACS) Standard 3, pre-printed cheques and cheque books to blue chip companies, banks and building societies around the world. We provide advice, consultation, support and training on best practice, cheque infilling along with secure cheque printing software solutions.
Personalising base stock or creating unique cheque designs, all Hague supplied cheques have highly complex and proven security features including holograms, security inks, controlled security papers and security toner adhesion. Hague's highly secure C&CCC (formerly APACS) cheque printing service uses the latest technology and more than 30 years' experience to create cheques and cheque books with exceptional security features that build on your corporate brand.
To view details of Hague's secure data overprinting management service go to Data Outsourcing.
Hague Print C&CCC (formerly APACS) cheque data outsourcing solutions include:
  • Design& Consultation Service
  • Custom Overprinting for immediate or emergency deliveries
  • Highly Secure & Controlled Holograms
  • Controlled Watermarked Papers
  • Innovative Security Inks
  • High Quality Security Infilling

To view information on our secure software products please go to Software Solutions.

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