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Excise and Revenue stamps

Hague Security Print supply billions of Excise stamps per year. These are in a range of formats from self-adhesive alcohol (liqor) stamps to dry paper stamps for the cigarette market.
Excise stamps are increasingly used worldwide to protect government revenues from sales of illegal cigarettes and alcohol. They are applied to product packaging as either dry or self-adhesive paper labels, excise (fiscal) stamps are often so sophisticated they are more secure than some banknotes.
A range of features including security paper, printed holographic stripes and secure numbering are used to protect excise stamps from fraudulent activity.
Barcodes are often used to provide machine readability within a track-and-trace system enabling control of product origin and product movement. Hague's PREMIERscan track and trace solution is world leading and protects billions of excise stamps per year.
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