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Security inks

Hague are world renowned for its security print products. Our Security Ink is a vital component in our Security documents. By using the latest genetic technology, complex information can be encoded into DNA that is then formulated into compatible, highly stable inks.   

Using various sophisticated techniques the DNA can be 100% verified as genuine and binary/alphanumeric codes with potentially huge amounts of information can be extracted. Using ‘lock & key’ the information is in assessable, even to other DNA biochemists.   

These inks can be printed by offset/litho, flexo, gravure, screen, inkjet & stamping processes.   

By using GCAT to Binary in a 25 Base Pair Sequence we can create 50-bit storage device with 1,125,899,906,842,623 potential unique combinations.   

Alternatively by employing ASCII/Alphanumeric to Binary can enable almost infinite personalized alphanumeric combinations, making the document virtually impossible to replicate.  

Either way, the finished product is almost impossible to replicate.  


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