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C&CCC Cheques

Governments, banks, financial institutions, law firms and large corporations across the UK and internationally use Hague Print software to produce C&CCC (formerly APACS) accredited cheques and cheque books.

Hague PREMIERcheque+ software is designed for TROY MICR printers, uses 64 bit technology and is compatible with all accounting packages. It's quick and easy to install and gives you the flexibility and security you need to print single cheques, cheque and remittance, BACS remittance advice, letters or paying-in slips and giros in one pass.

Cost-effective, robust and secure, PREMIERcheque+ can be tailored to your unique requirements giving you an in-house cheque printing system that saves you time and money.

Hague's unique PREMIERcheque+ software offers the following features:
  • Exceeds C&CCC (formerly APACS) requirements
  • 64 bit compliant
  • Signature authorisation by passwords, swipe cards, 'chip and pin', electronic pad signing or email
  • Security screen in the background of each printed cheque
  • Single user licence or SQL server based application
  • Audit report file formats include file formats including CSV, Excel and Crystal
  • No lengthy and expensive IT implementation time

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