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PremierScan is a Track & Trace solution that brings an extra layer of security to a physical document that is particularly useful in anti-counterfeit efforts on fiscal stamps, high value brands, pharmaceutical and many other industries where theft or diversion is a threat. If the product or stamp is authentic but is stolen or in a location (market) where it is not intended PremierScan can identify and ensure that the supply chain has not been compromised.

The PremierScan solution comprises of three key elements that provide a comprehensive authentication and track & trace solution:

  • The Next Generation Barcode
  • The PremierScan Reader - PremierScan is a powerful reader that identifies supply chain breaches at an item level with one click
  • The PremierTrack - Track and Trace Software & Platform - The PremierTrack platform is an end-to-end solution that protects global supply chains from security breaches
The PremierScan solution and its complementing technologies provides a high-level security and forensic-level reliability that is cost effective and can be seamlessly integrated right into your current production process with the help of our vastly experienced technical team.

Hague’s technology is mature and is currently protecting tens of billions of tax stamps, branded items and high value documents across the globe on an annual basis.

PremierScan Features and Benefits Include:

System-wide and item-level tracking
Know where in the supply chain your items are at all times
See issues and trends in real time
Search at an item level
Generate online customizable reports
Works with the client’s current processes
Access from anywhere via a secured internet connection
Verify items in the field with either a PremierScan reader or a PremierTrack mobile app

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