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Secure Web Verification Service
Secure https web service using encryption and best practice secure login methodology 
Hague’s experience in securely handling Bank’s data, along with our extensive work with UK Universities to enhance the protection against various security threats to degree certificates and other documents, illustrate that we are ideally placed to supply secure verification services.
Benefits to University
• Saves registry time
• Secure Web Service – no installation cost
• Personalised to University
• Fast and easy to use
• Permits instant document view
• Automatically issues secure login to students
• Protects existing revenue streams
• HEAR e-document compliant
Benefits to Students
• Fast and easy to use
• May provide student with extra competitive edge in  recruitment process
• Instant view of EDS & HEAR
Benefits to Employers
• Fast, easy to use service
• Instant Verification of claimed award and grade
• Instant view of e-document EDS & HEAR
• No obstacles to employers’ permitted usage
For a free demonstration and further details of this system please contact John Walker on +44 (0) 7939 127418 or email
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