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Toner & Technical Support

Hague PREMIER secure toner helps combat alteration fraud by clearly highlighting any attempted changes to education certificates, insurance documents, bank statements, giro payments, shipping bills of lading - in fact any document requiring secure variable data.

Designed for use with TROY MICR printers, PREMIER secure toner has a unique high-adhesion formula that releases a bright red stain if chemical alteration is attempted, making it simple to spot changes and easy to confirm the authenticity of your documents.

Hague PREMIER Security Toners help protect:
  • Qualification Certificates
  • Insurance Documents
  • Property Deeds
  • Medical Records
  • Motoring Documents
Technical Support

All Hague Print software including PREMIERcheque+, PREMIER e-solutions and PREMIERchequebook+ is fully supported with on-site printer maintenance and a dedicated, knowledgeable software support helpdesk. Hague software systems are robust, easy to use, developed to cope with heavy workloads and backed by our own highly trained technical support staff.

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