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Cheque Printing Solutions

Hague Print operate in more than 30 countries worldwide. We create secure cheque printing solutions for international banks, governments, educational institutions and businesses in Africa, Asia, America and Europe. We supply tens of millions of C&CCC (formerly APACS) approved cheques every year and our software solutions, including PREMIERcheque+, are used across the globe.

PREMIERcheque+ software gives you security and control. With 64 bit cheque printer technology you can manage your data and print highly secure cheques quickly and easily. Developed to be the most secure system available, PREMIERcheque+ uses digitally authorised encrypted signatures.

PREMIERcheque+ cheque print software works with the TROY C&CCC (formerly APACS) approved, world-class MICR printers, offering a cost-effective, highly secure solution to in-house security document production.

Hague's unique PREMIERcheque+ software offers the following features:
  • Exceeds C&CCC (formerly APACS) requirements
  • 64 bit compliant
  • Digital Signature authorisation created locally or remotely
  • Highly Secure computer generated text in the background of each printed cheque
  • Single user licence or SQL server based application
  • Audit report file formats include file formats including CSV, Excel and Crystal
  • No lengthy and expensive IT implementation time

For more information, please view the Hague PREMIER Range Brochure.

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