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    26 Sep 2017

    Ticket printing for events: what you need to know

    When it comes to ticket printing for events it can be one of the most exciting kinds of design projects. That’s because every event has its own character, and part of the challenge is creating a ticket that reflects this. When you get it right, the event ticket can communicate…
    21 Sep 2017

    Why choose a 3D hologram sticker?

    Adding a 3D hologram sticker to your product packaging is an excellent way to make it stand out on the shelf. Not only do they enhance the packaging of your products, they also improve and increase brand awareness. These unique and attractive features can complement existing packaging — and what’s…
    19 Sep 2017

    Should you use printed roll labels or sheets of labels?

    Adhesive labels: It’s not the most exciting of topics, but it is a vital one! Small business owners regularly require labels for different reasons. Perhaps it’s for filing, taking stock, or maybe the labels are used to communicate pricing or product details — whatever the reason they come in handy…
    14 Sep 2017

    Reward your employees with custom certificates

    Recognising your employees and their hard work does more than just encourage loyalty. Your personnel can be your most valuable asset — finding and training new employees can be extremely expensive so it’s important to have a strong and dedicated team. One of the best ways to protect your relationship…
    12 Sep 2017

    What is secure cheque printing?

    Secure cheque printing makes sure that your company’s finances are well protected. There are different technologies that have been developed to prevent counterfeiting and illegal replication of your cheques. This means you can feel more secure about using cheques as a payment solution. And with the introduction of new cheque…
    07 Sep 2017

    Security print tips for protecting sensitive documents

    As a business owner, it's absolutely crucial that you take precautions to protect any sensitive documents, such as contracts or information collected from customers. If this information fell into the wrong hands it could lead to a case of identity theft or other fraudulent activity. That’s what makes it so…
    05 Sep 2017

    Voucher printing vs. Electronic gift cards

    Advertising with vouchers or electronic gift cards is one of the best ways to gain your customers’ attention. Both give the buyer and the receiver something to be happy about: one is able to give a thoughtful gift with a higher perceived value, and the other is able to choose…
    01 Sep 2017

    Five business uses for holographic printing

    Every industry has a use for holographic printing in some capacity. Whether it’s using hologram labels to protect products from counterfeiters or to enhance brand image, or perhaps it’s for security reasons such as on an ID badge, they are a versatile tool that have many different uses. Here are…
    29 Aug 2017

    Barcode labels for beginners

    Barcode labels are one of the best ways to keep track of inventory and sales records. Before you start using them though, it’s best to understand exactly what they are. Barcodes are symbols that can be electronically scanned using either a laser or camera system. The information encoded within them…
    24 Aug 2017

    Use stock rotation labels to improve food hygiene

    If the nature of your business involves selling packaged food, it is important that your products have a use-by or best before label. This is vital for making sure that you do not sell food that has potentially gone off and can cause food-borne illnesses. Stock rotation labels are just…
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    HaguePrintUK Here's what you need to know about #design for your ticket #printing:
    HaguePrintUK Adding a #3Dhologram #sticker to your #productpackaging is an excellent way to make it #standout!…
    HaguePrintUK #Easy to divide #Quick to grab - Don't get rolled up with #labels! #SheetLabels are the way to go!…
    HaguePrintUK Our sister company, Solchar launches their new website! #chequescanning #chequeprocessing
    HaguePrintUK New Hague ‘Global Secure’ Wallpaper Foil has arrived! #Secure #Holograms #SecurityPrinting
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