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    01 Sep 2017

    Five business uses for holographic printing

    Every industry has a use for holographic printing in some capacity. Whether it’s using hologram labels to protect products from counterfeiters or to enhance brand image, or perhaps it’s for security reasons such as on an ID badge, they are a versatile tool that have many different uses.

    Here are just five of the most common uses business owners have for holographic printing:

    1. Security

    Security holograms are labels that have a hologram printed on them for security purposes. They are extremely hard to replicate as they are made from a single master hologram and expensive equipment is required to create them. They are often found on retail items and products as a mark of quality. As well as this they are used on passports and credit, bank cards, and ID cards.

    2. Official records and documents

    Often you will find holographic labels on official documents such as medical or dental records, as well as certificates including those issued by universities.  You may sometimes find them on documents relating to electronic appliances and components to guarantee their authenticity.

    3. Pharmaceutical products

    Sophisticated replication techniques mean that there is a real threat to the pharmaceutical industry, with many medicines being fraudulently manufactured and sold. To combat these issues, many of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies have chosen to use holograms to protect their products. They are now widely used on pharmaceutical products around the world as a mark of authenticity.

    4. Official merchandise

    Holograms are one of the most popular ways to mark official merchandise and limited edition items. You will see them on many sporting goods as well as designer items such as baseball caps or team memorabilia. Even today they are the favoured way for many merchandise manufacturers to protect both their products and those purchasing them.

    5. Bonds and stock certificates

    Holograms are a modern way to print stock certificates. By embedding a hologram it becomes extremely difficult to reproduce or fraudulently change a certificate. They are the contemporary equivalent of traditional seals and also offer an excellent way to differentiate a brand.

    Hague is a member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association which actively works to ensure holography remains relevant and a valid security option. Simply fill in our short online enquiry form, let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll be in touch to set up a consultation. It’s entirely free of charge and you’ll get the expert advice of our experienced team that has over thirty years printing experience.

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    Hague supplies the most comprehensive range of brand protection and secure printing solutions available in the market today

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