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    12 Oct 2018

    Expected Full House at FAB Event

    Hague Security Prints sets to have another exciting year at the Federation of Awarding Bodies, with tickets selling well the event is expected to have a full house. Working with key stakeholders FAB provides support and guidance for members in supplying high quality, valued, professional and technical qualifications. Hague will…
    08 Oct 2018

    Hague Attends Gitex in Dubai

    First time exhibitors Hague hits the Middle East attending one of the largest technology events in the world. Gitex technology event is the largest tech exchange and marketplace in the Middle East and Africa, welcoming all businesses within the industry including technology giants Amazon, Google, Microsoft, HPE, Alibaba Cloud and…
    08 Aug 2018

    Do we change how we approach direct mail post-GDPR?

    A few years ago, businesses relied on regular direct mail campaigns. Now, people are cautious to turn to direct mail again.  Read the full article It is understandable that businesses are concerned. However, people are still very accepting of direct mail. Figures from MarketReach show that 87% of people trust…
    25 Jul 2018

    Kit Kat in Trademark Battle

    Nestle have been trying to trademark their four-fingered wafer for more than a decade. Read the full article The European Court of Justice is set to make a decision this week, following a long battle. Norwegian rival, Kvikk Lunsj, take pride in their snack which is used by Scandinavian hikers, and…
    19 Jul 2018

    Burberry destroys stock worth almost £30m to protect brand

    Burberry destroyed £28.6m worth of unsold clothes, accessories and perfume to protect their brand. Read the full article This means that over 5 years, Burberry has destroyed over £90m worth of stock. Burberry have defended themselves against environmentalist critics by saying that they capture the energy that is generated by…
    18 Jul 2018

    Trademark applications in the UK double since 1995

    Trademark applications in the UK have doubled since 1995. Read the full article The report shows that the rise in trademark applications has been driven by UK residents. The largest amount of registrations (9%) came from advertising and business management/administration companies in 2017 and they have more than doubled at the…
    16 Jul 2018

    Chanel Is Suing an eBay Seller for $56 Million

    Chanel have made headlines this week as they're allegedly suing an eBay user for selling hundreds of Chanel products without authorisation. Read the full article Chanel claims that the goods being sold are “used goods, goods that were never intended for sale, and/or goods lacking any packaging or product information,” as…
    13 Jul 2018

    Morrisons implement recycling system for plastic bottles

    Morrisons have launched two vending machines in Scotland and North Yorkshire to accept plastic bottles. Read the full article Single use plastics and packaging is a problem that is currently big news. Supermarkets and other industries are beginning to tackle the fact that only 9% of plastic packaging is being…
    12 Jul 2018

    Counterfeit Supreme Goods Are The Most Searched In The World

    Research has shown that interest in counterfeit goods has been on the rise for two years. Read the full article Since the end of 2017, there has been a 500% increase in searches for fake items. The US, UK and Germany have all seen a high interest in counterfeit goods…
    10 Jul 2018

    Facebook adds to the growing amount of brands using print marketing

    It is becoming more ubiquitous to see businesses publishing and sending out their own print publications. From Airbnb to ASOS, you have probably seen an increase in these. Read the full article So what business is following suit? Believe it or not, Facebook is introducing "Grow". They have suggested that…
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