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    HaguePrintUK #Fakemeds cost the EU €10.2 billions... and how many #lives?
    HaguePrintUK Make sure your members feel valued and appreciated:
    HaguePrintUK The 'five c's' for effective storytelling for your #business
    HaguePrintUK #Fake cigarettes and toys head EU customs seizures last year. Think twice before buying cheap toys.
    HaguePrintUK What is your post-sales process for your #ecommerce business?
    HaguePrintUK Strengthen your #membership loyalty with professionally printed membership cards:
    HaguePrintUK Rolls of stickers can help you engage with your #consumers
    HaguePrintUK Five golden rules from @PitneyBowes to bridge the #marketing gap and transform your communications.
    HaguePrintUK - Polish police uncover 'world's largest' fake drug factory
    HaguePrintUK RT @SecuringIndstry: Dangerous boom in counterfeit pop 'will threaten UK once Osborne's sugar tax comes into force'
    HaguePrintUK Are you telling your business's story effectively?
    HaguePrintUK Speed up your #ecommerce returns with slick delivery and returns notes:
    HaguePrintUK Plan events & activities to bring a community feel to your #membership:
    HaguePrintUK We will be attending the #fab_2016 conference & awards. It's not too late to register! @awardingbodies
    HaguePrintUK Make sure to hire a passionate team, that passion will reflect in the work they produce:
    HaguePrintUK 5 tips to achieve lean direct mail. Great advice from @DMA_UK
    HaguePrintUK Level of counterfeiting in EU underestimated, says expert
    HaguePrintUK Build a #community around your club membership:
    HaguePrintUK Start as you mean to go on with your #business launch:
    HaguePrintUK Love this! Such as quick reaction to a trending news. Brilliant #print #advertising @Fly_Norwegian
    HaguePrintUK Strengthen your #membership with integrated cards:
    HaguePrintUK The reality of #fakemeds.. "people are dying every day" #brandprotection
    HaguePrintUK Great to hear brands like @ProcterGamble saying that #print advertising is integral for brand building via @po_st
    HaguePrintUK Help to foil counterfeiters with holographic #labels:
    HaguePrintUK If you run an e-commerce business, an efficient returns process could improve your #conversionrate:
    HaguePrintUK So proud to be supplying secure degree #certificates to the World's top ranking University. Congrats @UniofOxford.
    HaguePrintUK #Counterfeit cigarettes flooding Britain contain 500 times as much of a killer toxin as the genuine product,
    HaguePrintUK If you're launching a new business, make sure your launch #strategy is properly planned out:
    HaguePrintUK Thank you to all our new #followers this week. So many of you!! Have a great weekend. #FridayFeeling

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