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    HaguePrintUK Certificate #printing paper security features:
    HaguePrintUK Turn customers into #brandambassadors with referral vouchers:
    HaguePrintUK Fake auto parts industry growing at alarming rate- Business News via @bt_india
    HaguePrintUK Could #fakemeds be responsible for Prince's death?
    HaguePrintUK Is there still value in #print? Of course there is!!
    HaguePrintUK Compliment best selling products with related, lower cost products for the #crosssell
    HaguePrintUK Fighting fakes: The scary truth about counterfeiting in manufacturing
    HaguePrintUK Know which products to discount, and which to leave at full price:
    HaguePrintUK 5 door drop marketing secrets to target new customers. #print
    HaguePrintUK Develop your #socialmedia following in order to cost-effectively promote sales:
    HaguePrintUK The Airbnb Of Marketing: Ray Cao Explains How Exact Media Is Trying To Reinvent Direct-Mail via @forbes
    HaguePrintUK How Google Analytics ruined #marketing. Don't mix strategy with channel. Brilliant article by @samueljscott
    HaguePrintUK How to best utilise #vouchers for your business:
    HaguePrintUK Master the cross-sell with voucher #printing:
    HaguePrintUK Combine Digital And Printed Media To Communicate With Clients via @minutehack
    HaguePrintUK - Amazon, eBay and Alibaba slammed again for fake listings:
    HaguePrintUK Encourage repeat #sales with future use vouchers:
    HaguePrintUK Just How Easy Is It to Get a Fake Degree? via @viceuk
    HaguePrintUK Position convenient, impulse buy products near the tills, or #ecommerce checkout to increase spend per visit:
    HaguePrintUK Utilise #socialmedia to reinforce and promote your sale:
    HaguePrintUK Bring the #McDonalds 'do you want fries with that' to your cross-selling strategy:
    HaguePrintUK Are your products structure for ease of purchase in order to #crosssell
    HaguePrintUK Utilise voucher #printing to cross-sell to existing customers:
    HaguePrintUK It's medal after medal for #TeamGB at the moment, but how many fake tickets have been issued?
    HaguePrintUK Utilise #socialmedia and printed collateral to promote your flash sale:
    HaguePrintUK Customers may always have to wait, but that does mean they have to physically queue:
    HaguePrintUK Create demand through limited availability stock, or short running #promotions
    HaguePrintUK Often have customers queuing for long periods? It doesn't have to be that way:
    HaguePrintUK Promote your #sale with printed stickers:
    HaguePrintUK Are your staff members properly #trained to deal with queuing customers:

    Hague supplies the most comprehensive range of brand protection and secure printing solutions available in the market today

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